07 Jun

A summary of our media coverage in April and May 2024

It has been a remarkably busy two months as I have continued to balance ongoing family caring duties with the pressures of launching my new coaching and consultancy business at the start of the current fiscal year.  

Yet I have still found time to contribute to – and indeed generate – significant media coverage across a diverse range of topics including health, financial wellbeing, employee benefits, and (of course) presentation skills.  

And I also joined the rather excellent team of financial experts at FinWELL as one of their Financial Wellbeing Champions too! 

A summary of just some of my coverage in the first two months of the fiscal year is detailed below (together with hyperlinks for those wanting to read the full item):  

In addition, my Consultancy’s launch press release appeared in more than a dozen other web titles, and I continue to be recognised on leading international business networking website LinkedIn as a “LinkedIn Top Voice” on HR and Presentation Skills issues. 

And finally, my most positive social media comment of the period (which was very generous indeed) is this one:

If you would like to achieve similar name and/or brand awareness in your area of expertise then please contact me for an in-confidence discussion as to how I can help you achieve this. My training and consultancy services are affordable, practical, and (importantly) highly effective! 

Steve Herbert Communications & Presentation Skills Coach + Employee Benefits, Wellbeing, and Reward Expert

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