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Practical & pragmatic tips to help your team reach, engage, and transact with new & existing clients. 

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A great presentation or event can make the difference between business success and failure in the 21st Century.

Steve Herbert is an award-winning, respected, and market leading business to business (B2B) presenter who can help your organisation to deliver consistently better presentations, events, and well-attended webinars at very low cost.

Please contact us to discus how we can help take your organisation's presentations and event plans to the next level & beyond.

Keynote Speaker for hire!

Add the final polish to your event with a standout Keynote session from our own Steve Herbert. Steve has spent decades delivering fun, engaging, & well-researched Keynote presentations on a variety of business topics including pensions, benefits, healthcare, Human Resources, the economy, financial wellness, mental health, Artificial Intelligence, & the future of work. His ability to present complex subjects and arguments with clarity and persuasion is evident to anyone who has attended his presentations.

Presentation Skills Training

The ability to present well is a hidden superpower of modern-day business and career success. Steve will unpack 25 years of business-focused presenting tips to help any presenter - from rookie to seasoned professional - improve their delivery, engage their audience, and ultimately sell their concept or products far, far better. Steve's effective training and coaching can be delivered online or in person, for groups or individuals as required, and at a lower cost than you might otherwise expect!

Webinars That Work!

Webinars represent the cheapest and most effective route to new audiences, leads, and increased income in the Business to Business (B2B) space. Steve has been the architect of many industry-leading events over the last 25 years and is therefore well placed to provide your organisation with practical and pragmatic tips that will help you populate the event, deliver outstanding and engaging content, and generate feedback that will benefit your organisation in improved brand awareness, client retention, & new business.

Articles, media comment, and website content

As a regular writer, blogger, and commentator on Human Resources, Employee Benefits, Wellbeing, and other workplace issues, Steve is exceptionally well placed to create informed and engaging content for your website or media outlet. Steve will take the time to understand both your requirements and your audience, and then craft written material that will fully support your brand and business objectives.

Crafting your winning industry award entry!

Over the last 20 years Steve Herbert has had the honour of judging thousands of individual industry award entries across dozens of categories, including Human Resources, Pensions, Employee Benefits, Payroll, & wider business networks. Such extensive exposure to the marking process - & indeed the judge's mindset - means he is well-placed to help your organisation deliver eye-catching and convincing entries in any award category.

Research & Development + new products

All businesses need to constantly evolve to thrive and survive, and product innovation will provide your organisation with new and improved income opportunities. Yet such work takes time, detailed knowledge, & product launch experience. Steve has often been at the forefront of such work, and he is now able to support your organisation in developing products in the HR, pensions, and employee benefits space.

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 Steve is one of The Surrey & Sussex HR Forum’s most popular contributors. Whether face-to-face or virtual, his sessions are always engaging as he has a very unique style that mixes a logical structure with many sideways views. His direct, knowledgable, often dry-humoured style along with his plethora of stats ensures that you sit up and listen - I always have ‘light-bulb moments’ at his sessions and come back wanting to implement or tackle something he has covered! 

Tanya Recruitment Consultant

 I unhesitatingly recommend his services. Top speaker, top expert, top advice. 

Craig HR Information Specialist

 I first saw Steve speak in 2023, and was struck by his presentation style which captivated the audience. Steve has since spoken at an event I organised on Financial Health & Employee Wellbeing, a topic he clearly has immense knowledge on. I can personally attest to his acumen when it comes to delivering flawless and highly informed presentations, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Steve as a speaker or as a public speaking expert. 

Jen Deputy CEO

 I've known Steve for many years and have used his skills and services in almost every role I've undertaken during that period. Why? Because he is impressively knowledgeable in his subject field, honest, immensely professional in his approach, holds and works within a strong value set...and knows how to make a potentially dry subject entertaining and informative for his that 1:1 or in a presentation forum. I value him both as an expert in his field and as a professional advisor. 

Sue HR Director

 Steve is one of the most forthright, engaging and honest speakers in the employee benefits community. He combines a broad knowledge of the benefits landscape with an empathy for the day to day realities faced by employers, making him one of the most balanced, perceptive and practical thinkers in the industry. 

John Editor

 I always look forward to working with Steve, and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him. 

Karen Events Manager

 Steve is one of the most inspirational keynote speaker and thought leader on all things employee benefits. I've enjoyed working with him and listening to his hilarious presentations, often turning what may be a dry subject (sorry, all you benefit gurus) into a interesting and often very funny narrative. He brings boundless enthusiasm to everything he does and delivers high standards by his exceptional execution. I would always seek his counsel as he has a wealth of knowledge and is genuinely a great guy. 

Oonagh Group People Director

 His presentations are engaging, informative and entertaining while shining a light on key aspects of the industry. 

Owain Editor

 Steve is an engaging and knowledgeable thought leader and his presentations are always interesting and engaging. 

Ian Head of HR

 Steve is a natural public speaker and a consummate professional. He combines a deep and practical knowledge of the employee benefits market with a capacity to engage and entertain. Steve is highly personable and always a pleasure to work with. 

Barry Managing Director

 I have known Steve for over a decade now, and have worked with him on employee benefits, pension and salary sacrifice projects. He has also trained employees on presentation skills. His knowledge is incredible, and he does not over complicate his explanations. He makes it easy to understand. He always makes himself available for advice, and I have learnt so much from him. I attend his seminars, as often as I am able, and he always delivers excellent information with humour. I couldn’t recommend him more highly! 

Sue Office Manager

 Steve is extremely easy to talk to and has that happy knack of being able to take complex issues and to explain them in plain English. As a presenter he is just as strong and makes dry subjects both interesting and memorable. 

Pete Executive Coach

 His dedication and passion lie behind our normally sold-out seminars which are a testament to his everyman delivery well known to not only inform but entertain. An excellent communicator, Steve has that rare ability to cut through red tape and make tough subjects easy to understand and act upon. A pleasure to work with. 

Gina Life, Executive & Business Coach

 I have had the pleasure of presenting with Steve on a regular basis and his knowledge of pensions and employee benefits is second to none. Not only does he have the technical knowledge, he also is adept at delivering the information to a diverse audience. His contacts within the industry mean that he is often ahead of the curve on changes to pensions/employee benefits policy. 

Matt Employment Law Partner

 I have attended many seminars organised by Steve and cannot praise him and his work enough. Steve is very knowledgeable, approachable, witty and is able to engage any audience. 

Egle Senior People Manager

 His grasp of legislation; its impact on the business consumer and his related recommendations are second to none. He is also a fluent and entertaining speaker. I heartily recommend him to all - you will not be disappointed. 

Keith Consultant

 Steve gave training on presentation skills. I have never had presentation training before so found this most helpful and informative. Steve's approach was very professional. He is very personable and I felt very comfortable throughout the whole session. I could ask any questions and did not feel intimidated with Steve response. I also benefited from the one to one session, which i could ask any questions. 

Emma Client Delivery Co-Ordinator

 I've had the pleasure of working with Steve over many years and have been consistently impressed by his deep knowledge and engaging communication style. Steve's expertise in these fields is truly remarkable, and he has the unique ability to make complex topics easily understandable. His captivating and witty keynote speeches keep audiences engaged, even on the most challenging HR and benefits topics. 

John Group Director & Company Secretary

 Whether providing commentary on the latest industry changes, writing in-depth articles or speaking at events, he delivers his extensive knowledge in a concise and clear manner that engages readers and audiences alike. 

Dawn Content Editor

 Steve has the rare quality that he always knows everything about his topics and he is a pleasure to work with. 

Elizabeth Head of HR
  • Herne Bay, Kent, UK